I have been enjoying the two litters we have at our house these past weeks.  Scarlett's puppies are a little over four weeks old now, and Bella's puppies are five and a half weeks.  They are playing together through the day, and get along very well.  We have them in the family room/kitchen area with us for at least a few hours a day.  They play, chew on our socks, and fill our laps.  They also do a great job filling our hearts.  

As soon as we sit on the floor they swamp us.  These puppies are very people friendly.  Their tails wag, it seems like their eyes twinkle, and I am sure they have a smile on their faces.  They come running up to us and jump into our laps.  After they spend some time with us they go off to find a comfortable place to lay down and do their second favorite thing--nap.  While they nap we clean up their pens, and get them ready for the evening.  

Yesterday and today we introduced the puppies to the back yard.  They were not sure about the grass because it was still wet (this is Oregon in winter after all) and a little cool.  They did a great job figuring out that it is fun to run around and explore the new smells and textures.  I think exploring may be a rival for them with napping.  They still love time with people more than either of those.  As we got down on the grass with them they once again swarmed our laps and decided that the grass is a great place to be with us.  

Soon we will take the puppies on longer car rides and introduce them to places like Home Depot where they can meet all sorts of new people and get new sites, sounds smells, and textures to add to their variety of experiences.  We are starting to work on delivery dates, transportation decisions, etc. as we prepare these puppies for their transition to their forever homes.  This weekend we will have folks over for the Superbowl (the Ravens are playing and we are die hard fans relocated from Baltimore) and those folks will have an opportunity to help the puppies with new people as well.  

Please keep checking back to follow up on these litters.  I will post more stories soon.

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